Rulon Enterprises is comprised of several different business ventures. We are continually looking for new business opportunities that maximize our sustainability and profitability.


The family farm consists of over 6,000 acres located in Hamilton, Tipton, and Madison counties in Indiana. The farm produces yellow-dent corn, seed soybeans for Beck’s Hybrids, and commercial soybeans utilizing a 100 percent no-till production system since 1991. Current research areas include cover crops for reduced input use while improving soil health, growing continuous corn economically in a no-till system, and VRT on almost every input to reduce usage.


Our drainage consulting and installation business uses a four-step scientific approach to optimize your farm’s productive capacity.

Why Install a Quality Drainage System?

– Increase your yield: In Indiana, corn yields increased from 14 to 23 bushels per acre in areas where a drainage system had recently been installed.

– Improve soil aeration: Poorly drained soil decreases the air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere, which decreases the oxygen available for crop development. Tile drainage

works to reverse this problem.

– Benefit the environment: Tile drainage reduces soil erosion and soil run-off up to sixty-five percent.

– Decrease risk of disease: Standing water is a breeding ground for disease and insects that will later damage your crop. Drainage reduces crop stress due to disease and insect damage.

The Four-Step Plan

1. Create a topography map: Creating a RTK topography map allows you to better understand the layout of the land and locate existing field tiles. This precision GPS technology
optimizes the water flow for the entire land parcel.

2. Analyze topography data: We combine our years of drainage experience with expert LANDRAIN software to create a minimum-cost, maximum-benefit plan designed to fulfill your goals.

3. Present and review the analysis: Rulon Enterprises always puts your needs first. We present our analysis-based plan, hear your input and feedback, and create a final plan.

4. Install the drainage system: We professionally install the system with the highest quality of products and workmanship as quickly as possible to best suit your needs.


Our farm’s risk management plan is based on years of study and experience in the industry. Join The Peer Network to see our plan and receive regular marketing and management updates.


Our hog farm, ran by Mark Bryant, is a six hundred sow farrow-to-finish hog facility located in Atlanta, Indiana. We currently produce hogs contracted with Indiana Kitchen Premium Pork.



Bernzott Family Farms, LLC is a first generation grain farm located in Connersville, Indiana ran by Andrew Bernzott. Partnered with Ken, Rodney, and Roy, Andrew was able to start a farm operation in his hometown where he is able to utilize the vast experience of the Rulon family. This allowed Andrew to get started farming on his own and get past the speedbumps that occur on a new first generation farm.


Gypsum Spreading, Lime Spreading, Soil Testing, Fertility Mapping, Customized Fertility Analysis and Application Maps, Herbicide Application.