Welcome to Rulon Enterprises



Rulon Enterprises is a family farm located in Arcadia, Indiana, that continues a seven-generation tradition of sustainable and environmentally responsible farming. Originally homesteaded in 1869, the farm has persevered through many good and bad times by constantly focusing on our core business of sustainable crop and livestock production. Since the early 1960s, brothers Jerry and Doyle Rulon operated the farm. The next generation – Ken, Roy, and Rodney – now operate the farm. Roy’s sons, Nick and Neal Rulon, are working with the 6th generation to create a sustainable transition into the 7th. Our main objective is to achieve and generate healthy soil while remaining economical for future generations. We strive to leave the soil in better shape than when we started!

What’s Happening On The Farm?

As harvest comes to a close once again, we are extremely grateful for another great season. With a fall full of great weather, we were able to wrap up harvest in a timely manner. Now we’re on to cleaning up equipment, putting tile in the ground, hauling grain, and starting on our analysis of the previous year. Before we know it, the spring will be here!!

Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Safe!!

Peer Network

For the last 20 years, the Peer Network has been exchanging ideas relating to farm management and business strategy.  With members from across the globe, we routinely participate in exclusive conversations and generate a free flow of ideas with the goal to maximize profits over time. By joining, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and learn from others in the industry.  Our outreach continues to grow daily.  Below is a map showing just a fraction of our members locations across the country.  Having a widespread network greatly increases our likelihood of being prepared for future events!




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