Annual Meeting Draws Near

Every year at about this time we start to look forward to our annual Peer Meeting. The guys in the shop who have to wash the walls, less so, of course 🙂

Based upon feedback from last year’s meeting, this year we are going to spend time on very specific hedging programs in two major areas: Corn assuming we get a bull run this summer/fall/winter; and, Paper Assets which are clearly at the end of their vast over-valuation (hedge asset values and interest rates).

We are excited to have some extremely timely speakers lined up as well. Dr. Wendong Zhang (who grew up in rural China) will discuss all things China as well as Iowa Land Values (bringing in a Iowa State guy, yikes). Two of the International Leadership Team at Indigo will share the Mission of  Marketplace and Carbon (we recently joined Indigo as a Research Partner). Rabobank’s national economist will look beyond US/China and provide some global perspective.

The format will be the same as the past. We will start at 3:00 on Tuesday 8/20 and have a toolshed reception and dinner. Main meeting starts at 8:00am Wednesday and ends around 4:00pm. We hope that you may all attend. As always, the meeting will be videotaped and put up on the site afterwards.

Complete Agenda will be shared shortly.