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Welcome to Rulon Enterprises

Rulon Enterprises is a family farm located in Arcadia, Indiana, that continues a seven-generation tradition of sustainable and environmentally responsible farming. Originally homesteaded in 1869, the farm has persevered through many good and bad times by constantly focusing on our core business of sustainable crop and livestock production. Since the early 1960s, brothers Jerry and Doyle Rulon operated the farm. The next generation – Ken, Roy, and Rodney – now operate the farm. One of the farm’s objectives is to increase the organic matter content of the soil while still maximizing profits.

What’s Happening On The Farm?

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to host the NC ANR Leadship Academy and Purdue University’s “Precision Farming Workshop” for a tour of the farm.  Cold weather kept us inside, therefore, much of the time was spent on discussing how we utilize precision Ag on a large scale operation.  We also explained our No-Till system and its advantages. Everyone was impressed that our data and test results over the past few years prove that our system is improving our soil quality while decreasing input costs.



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