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Rulon Enterprises


Rulon Enterprises began using cover crops in 2009 to improve soil fertility, manage soil nutrients, combat erosion, and increase organic matter.  Recent soil tests confirm that the organic matter content of the soil is increasing by .1 percent each year with this system.

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The Peer Network

For the last 20 years, the Peer Network has been exchanging ideas relating to farm management and business strategy. With members from across the globe, we routinely participate in exclusive conversations and generate a free flow of ideas with the goal to maximize profits over time. By joining, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and learn from others in the industry.

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Our farm's risk management plan is based upon years of study and experience in the industry. Join an exclusive group of your peers from around the globe to share ideas and information about farm management and business strategy. You will have the opportunity to learn from others while contributing to the group knowledge base in a considered and professional manner.

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Dr. Jerry Hatfield

The keynote speaker at the Rulon Enterprises Annual Peer Meeting was Dr. Jerry Hatfield, director of the Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment. Learn more about Dr. Hatfield's research here.